Yisel Duque Coaching Services is a branch of Duque Productions directed and supervised by Yisel Duque that offers professional vocal coaching for artists that are already working on becoming either a semi-pro, an independent artist or a top of the line pro performer in the music industry. Acceptance to DP Coaching Services is based on a thorough audition to evaluate whether the person is musically fit or not. Each voice is treated differently with specific approaches for the student's challenges. Our experience is vast and our methods are promptly effective.

"I don't believe in months and months of endless vocal lessons. My purpose is not to make anyone dependable to me as a coach. My purpose is to give my students the insight and the tools to fly without me. Anything treasurable in life needs maintenance and that's what I'll stick around to do.... tune-ups, not life support! If I get some steady routine of at least 1-2 times a week and we both do our job right, my student should be up and flying on his/her own in no more that 3 months." - Yisel Duque -


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- "When she was first appointed to be my vocal-recording coach I said: What is this!? A basketball team!!!??? I was not happy!!! What did I need a coach for?

At the end of the recording session I knew how much I needed her. Yisel is not only an excellent coach. Her skills go beyond coaching. Her acute sense of music... interpretation, vocal technique, sound, timing, feel, etc are nothing short of amazing. As a person... she’s just marvelous. I am thankful... for no one could’ve done a better job or make this product better than she did.

I would like to work with her for as long as I am in the music business. She would turn anything you hate into something you’d absolutely LOVE and think: I DID THAT!" - Hal Caveda -

Hal Caveda (Independent Artist)

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Yisel Duque